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5 Yoga classes in Ajmer you should know about

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The world is inclining towards Yoga. We even now have an International Yoga day, thanks to our prime minister Narendra Modi. Those who are oblivious to the benefits of Yoga can head here to know more. If you are looking for good yoga classes in Ajmer, then you’re in luck. We handpicked some of the best yoga classes in Ajmer which can serve your purposes for joining. Be it any ailment, general fitness or meditation, these places will surely fulfill your purpose.

Top 5 Yoga classes in Ajmer

This is just a list and not a ranking.

1. Cure by Yoga

Run by Mr. Piyush Malviya who has more than 4 years of experience in Yoga for numerous purposes. An objective big or small, he will definitely have answers for the same. It can clearly be seen from his website, that he has been involved with people generally over 40, helping them with Yoga in every way possible. With his expert lessons, he has gained a prominent name in Ajmer and Cure by Yoga surely is one of the best Yoga classes in Ajmer. To get in touch, call 9785987539.

2. Sanjay Aerobics & Dance Studio

Well, going by the name it doesn’t seem like they would teach Yoga. But there’s a saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. They have dedicated Yoga classes in Ajmer, along with dance and aerobics too. They have a good track record of training thousands on Ajmer citizens and delivering results. To get in touch, call 9694847653.

3. Aayu Shakti Ladies Gym

This is a fully equipped ladies gym where they have a dedicated Yoga session by trained professionals. They have a strong customer base and a good name in Ajmer. The take sessions in the morning as well as evening.  To get in touch, call 9462136108.

4. Yoga, Relaxation n Aerobics Classes

This beautiful and effective yoga center is single-handedly run and managed by Sangeeta Upadhyay. She specializes in the treatment of slip disks, and other ailments through Yoga. She believes in the quality of her work, which made her clients spread the good about her and now she gets new clients without even spending on advertisement. That is the quality in a teacher one should look for. To get in touch call, 9214375501.

5. Art of Living

This name doesn’t need an introduction. Spread across all of India, this organization, as the name suggests, focuses on teaching people the art of living. Art of living involves peace, happiness, moral values, success, relationships, hard work, etc. They have a package for Yoga that includes pranayama, meditation, Sudarshan kriya and Yoga of course. The sole purpose of these workouts is to tame your mind, achieve inner peace and lead a better life.  To get in touch, call  9414212899.


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