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Importance of Toys for Development, this goes deeper than you think

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Childhood is the best phase of life for everybody irrespective of caste, creed, culture and financial status. Every child plays different games with the toys of his choice. There are a number of toys for children available in the market. It may be a doll, a teddy bear, a plastic toy or flywheels cars. Toys for children are always their favorite friends or companions. They love their toys the most and want their toys to be with them all the times. Parents too, normally don’t mind spending money on toys for children. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of importance of toys for development.

We don’t forget our favorite toys of childhood for years. We just don’t realize the impact of toys on children. While playing with the toys, the children get ready for the challenges of life gradually, directly or indirectly in some of the other way. They learn a lot while playing with the toys for children. Furthermore, toys add a lot of happiness and enjoyment in their lives. Ultimately, this leads to building the self-esteem in the children. While making the purchase of toys for children, parents opt to choose the toys that help in the development of the child.

Toys for Development of skills

Toys help to improve language skills, physical skills, social skills etc. Before buying a toy, as a parent, we must spend some time on thinking that how the toy would contribute in making over of the child in different aspects. Keep the following reasons in mind why and how toys and playtime are important in child’s development.


As is the common practice of parents and others while playing or interacting with the child, we are making sounds or cooing or talking to them in a symbolic language. By doing all this, the child is learning and improving its basic communication. When the child gurgles, he is trying to communicate his emotions to you. He makes a lot of sense when he responds to your sounds and activities. Some toys for children are designed to develop this skill in them.


Toys play a crucial role in developing motor skills in the child. Now the question arises what exactly the motor skill is. A motor skill involves the course of action by the baby while using his muscles. We may define motor skills as gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are the actions that baby makes with his body, arms, legs etc. We may term running, jumping, crawling activities of the child as a part of gross motor skills. Whereas smaller actions or activities of the child are part of the fine motor skills. The child learns to use feet and hands with the help of toys for children so that he is able to identify color and sounds. When the child starts sitting and crawling, toys encourage them to be on the move. If the favorite toy is out of reach of the child, the baby shall try to grab it by using the muscles. Furthermore, toys are also quite helpful to children in practicing balance and coordination.

In addition to this, some of the toys help the child in learning fine as well as gross motor skills at the same time. For example, when a child tries to hold a rattle or any other toy in hand, he is trying to learn the initial stage of fine motor skills. When he tries to take that object in his mouth, he is undergoing the first stage of gross motor skills. Hence, he is learning fine as well as gross motor skills at one point in time. Skills help your children to equip and apply the ideal personality of today’s dynamic world. toys for development of such skills should be bought for children without second thoughts.


Toys play a crucial role in developing cognitive thinking( Analyzing the cause and effect) or attitude in the children. Toys or games like block building also create the ability to solve the problems effectively. Several other games such as board games help the child in enhancing the memory skills. There are a number of toys which nurture and foster cognitive thinking in the child. Puzzles, block building, even rattle help in developing the cause and effect attitude in the child. Puzzles also help the child in learning how to systematize the things or how to fit the pieces in the right place. Life is all about this. How to set the things right in the right perspective. Since cognitive thinking is what required in the adulthood, toys for development of such skill in the childhood surely cannot be missed.


Being social is an essential quality of any human being. Socialising rites are inculcated in the child since the beginning. Social skills mean the child should have the behavioral sense. He must know how to behave with the family members or with outsiders or in school. In modern time of today, when most of the parents plan to have a single child only and they live in the nuclear family, the child doesn’t form the habit of sharing. Although, this is very important for the child to learn the importance of sharing important things such as love for each other, love for the people and surroundings. Therefore, toys for development of social skills are a must-have. Various toys have been designed so as to develop the habit of socialization or sharing.


Normally, parents buy a toy and give it to the child as an item of playing. But the same toy holds a lot of importance for the child. It’s a very important part of his life as he feels that the toy is his companion. He develops some emotions for the toy and he never wants to part with the toy of his choice. That way, he learns to develop the feel of emotions for the persons around him.


In the conclusion, after having a glance at the above, we may draw the conclusion that toys are the best companions of children. Toys play a crucial role in the overall development of the child. It’s not necessary that the child loves expensive toys. Rather they prefer to have the toy which suits their age and needs the most.

Every child needs to share his or her thought process with some of his friends. He needs to keep busy in playing with the toys or games or some extracurricular activity. Today various hobby courses of your choice are available while sitting at home. Your child needs a friend to share their thoughts so that you are aware of what is going on in their lives. Today is the time to follow some or the other extracurricular activities. Find best home tuition for academics and hobbies for your child. Just download our home tuition app or visit our home tuition website to book your first class today!.

toys for development
toys for development