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Vegetarian diet chart for weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle

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Are you looking for a vegetarian diet chart for weight loss? If yes, then you’re in the right place. Before jumping to the free custom diet chart for weight loss, you should also check my favorite best exercises for fat loss. And, if you are too lazy for those intense workouts, then I also have for you, 4 fun ways to lose weight.

Why believe me? Well, I am a fitness instructor who applied everything to his body and lost 32 kilos. There, now you have a reason. Proceed below for an Indian diet chart and stay fit, always!

Nutrition is the most underrated component when it comes to our overall development both physically and mentally. People join all sorts of classes (Abacus, speed maths, personality development and whatnot) but the one thing (NUTRITION) that enables a person to grasp more from every class, is often ignored. It is not their fault, the problem is the lack of awareness, people do not know the benefits of nutrition and the consequences of ignoring the nutrition.

Another major problem is taste and preference. These nutrition charts are too tough to follow, and people tend to quit after a short period of time. That is why I have prepared an easy vegetarian diet chart for weight loss which can get you started. But, it will still require some sacrifice, you have to give up eating junk food every day so that in future, you don’t have to give up junk food upon doctor’s recommendation. Trust me, you don’t want that. A diabetic person often regrets the food choices he has made in the past which now restrict him to not even have a single piece of burfi (sweet). With proper maintenance of your body, you can enjoy the delicious food once in a while for your whole life.

Through qriyo, there has been an increasing awareness of fitness and nutrition. A lot of people these days cannot make enough time for fitness and that is why we (qriyo gurus) help them in achieving their fitness goals by providing fitness sessions at home. With our expertise and training, they are able to take their life to a new level, a happier and healthy one.

Now for the awaited vegetarian diet chart for weight loss

Before proceeding, just keep in mind that it should not be a temporary thing to just lose weight. It should become a part of your life, you must learn to eat healthy foods in future. Only, you can truly stay fit for your entire life.

It is not just a diet chart to lose weight, it also is a diet chart to gain weight.

When you consume the food in fewer quantities, you will go on a caloric deficit diet, and you’ll start losing weight. (500 calories less than what you’re supposed to eat in a day).

When you consume the food in higher quantities, you will go on a caloric surplus diet, and you’ll start gaining weight. (500 calories more what you’re supposed to eat in a day).

NOTE: If this article gets even 50 comments, then I will write another article on How to count the calories of your food and stay on track.

Meal #1: Breakfast

You will need:

A. Plain oats, or daliya (not masala oats)
B. A handful almonds +raisins + walnuts
C. Flaxseeds/chia seeds
D. Any fruit (don’t be afraid of banana)
E. Whey Protein

How to prepare:

A. Take 1 cup of oats in a bowl and pour some water, enough to dip them properly.
B. Cook the oats on a stove using the lowest heat possible.
C. When it becomes like a paste (halva), they are ready.
D. Now put that handful of nuts and 1 spoonful each of flaxseeds and chia seeds.
E. Cut 1 apple, or a banana or any other fruit you like. Berries are a big thumbs up, they bring awesomely
taste to your oats.
F. Now, if you have whey protein, then mix 1 scoop of it. And if you don’t have whey protein, just buy
Protinex (sugar-free variant), it is easily available in your nearest pharmacy.


A. Low-fat Greek yogurt (200 gram) or 200 low fat paneer (cottage cheese) can be used in place of
B. If you don’t like eating oats, then make upma using a minimum quantity of olive oil. Put those nuts and seeds
in it.

Meal #2: Snack

A. 1 apple with a handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, raisins).
You can use banana instead. Add 50 gm. of yogurt if you can or 100 gm. Tofu.
b. 2 brown slices of bread with peanut butter and 100 gm. Tofu.

Meal #3: Lunch

Have salad first
A. 1/2 cup brown rice (just use water to cook, no oil is required)
B. 1/2 serving of any daal/ or slow cooked vegetables.
C. 100 gm. Greek Yogurt.

Meal #4: snack

A. 1 protein bar.
B. Fresh juice.
C. A handful of nuts.
D. If you have whey protein or protinex, just make a shake with one scoop of it, Along with 1 banana or

Meal #5: Dinner

Have salad first
A. 2 chapatti (made from whole wheat).
B. Sautéed vegetables, or slow-cooked vegetables with minimum olive oil.
C. Greek yogurt
D. A handful of nuts.

Meal #6: bedtime snack

A. Peanut butter
B. Salad.
C. A few walnuts.
D. 100 gm. Low-fat paneer (cottage cheese)

Now take note:

1. This is just one possible vegetarian diet chart for weight loss to get you started.

2. There are lots of other foods that are good in nutrition, below are some names:
Spinach, fish, sweet potatoes, strawberries, papaya, dark chocolate, muesli, chickpeas, sprouts etc. If you
are already eating these foods, there is no need to stop, just replace some foods I listed with these foods.

3. Drink at least 4-5 liters of water every day, it’s important for weight loss and a healthy body.

4. Have green tea in the morning and 2-3 more times during the day to stay mentally alert. Black coffee
works too. Do not ever think that green tea alone can do wonders for weight loss.

5. Stay away from sugar, try making your evening tea without sugar or use minimum less sugar.

6. Fruit sugar is okay to consume as fruits have enough fiber, just don’t consume fruits at night. Your body doesn’t need carbs before sleeping.

7. If you are overweight, try limiting junk food to every 2 weeks, and if you are slightly overweight, then you
can eat junk food once every week. Just remember to eat only one cheat meal and not celebrate the whole cheat day.

8. The problem with vegetarian diet chart for weight loss is that they are generally low in terms of complete protein. So, I made a kind of vegetarian diet chart to get you as much protein as possible. Make sure you follow it as is so that you get all the essential nutrients. With this vegetarian diet chart for weight loss, you can definitely start to see results in 8 weeks, make sure you don’t cheat more than you should.

Boost your fat loss process

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