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Weight training: Is it a right choice for you?

Mandeep Gill 0

In one of my previous posts, I have said that workouts do not have cons. The cons depend on your expectations and requirements. If a person does not want to pack on muscles and just maintain flexibility, then may be a weight training is a con for him.

That being said, let us quickly jump to pros and cons (on case basis) of weight training

1. Adjustable Load

weight training

If you’re not strong enough to bench press 80 kg, then you can bench press 40 kg. There are all kinds of weights available in the gym so that a relatively weak person can start with light weights, and improve his/her strength week by week and finally get to those 80 kg bench presses.

2. Muscle Gain

weight training

By muscle gain, I do not mean becoming Kai Greene (that is a remarkable level though). I mean packing on a decent amount of muscle mass to support your body. That muscle mass will protect you from fractures and injuries. Your metabolism and energy levels will be high. You will get through the day much easier than you did earlier. Overall, your body just goes up a level which benefits you in a number of ways, thanks to the weight training.

3. Fat loss

weight training

Weight training enables you to gain muscles, which in turn help burn more calories. The more calories you burn, the more fat you lose (provided you’re not over eating and nullifying your progress). Yes, cardio also burns fat, but if a person has some muscle mass, it enables him to burn calories even hours after the workout. So, if you worked out in the evening, your body will burn more calories during the night.

4. Increased bone density

Weight training increases your overall physical strength which includes strengthening the bones. You must have noticed the pain in your wrist when you lift a barbell for the first time. That is because your wrists are not yet strong enough to support the weight. Within a few weeks, you will notice the pain is gone, and the wrists can even support heavier weights. Same thing applies to every body part which you work on. High bone density means little chances of getting a fracture.

There are a number of other benefits too, I just listed the ones which come from exercise with weights and machines.

Now let’s look at the cons of weight training

1. Hard to spare time

weight training

If you’re the kind of person who does not have enough time to head out, workout for an hour and then come back, then weight training might be a cone for you. What you do instead is, get yourself a Qriyo fitness instructor at home, so that you can save the time you spend will commuting. Those benefits which I listed above (including muscle mass) can also be availed by doing HIIT (High-intensity interval training). You can head to and find yourself an HIIT fitness trainer in just a few clicks.

2. Primary goal is to stay healthy and flexible

You don’t a gym for that, there are tons of other workouts which can be done at home such as Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, Dance, etc. Home instructors for all these workouts are available with qriyo, at your desired time and your place. These workouts also have a ton of benefits, exactly what you’re
looking for.

3. If you’re physically weak (for e.g. fractured arm)

weight training

If in the past, you hurt your arm or shoulder pretty bad and they still hurt when you lift heavy, then that should not stop you from leading a fit and healthy life. Focus on improving the strength of your bones by slowly progressing with easier fitness workouts.

4. Any other reason depending on individual cases

Like the above reasons, there could be more like them. As I have said in one of my earlier posts: no single workout is designed to fulfill everyone’s requirements. You need to find a workout which is suitable for you.

Head to qriyo website or download the home tuition app to get yourself a fitness instructor at home. Not only fitness, you can find 300+ courses, all of which can be learned at home. Just request your personal trainer/teacher at your desired place and time.