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Qriyo’s Meaning & The Story Behind The Qriyo Logo

Talha Anwar 0

A lot of people message us on our Facebook page asking what does Qriyo mean. This led us to think that a lot of people cannot comprehend its meaning. So, we decided to explain Qriyo’s meaning.

Qriyo’s Meaning:

The name of a brand is very important. People remember a brand by its name. Brand name should be simple ( Qriyo is simple. Right? ), easy to remember. It should have a meaning or tell a story. So, what does Qriyo mean?


Why Qriyo is called Qriyo?
Why Qriyo is called Qriyo?


Qriyo is pronounced as Kriyo. It is derived from Hindi word Kriya which means Activity.


What about the Qriyo logo?


Qriyo Logo


The red circle represents the mother, the blue circle represents the father and the purple intersection represents the child. It signifies that Qriyo is for the whole family. We have something for everyone. The circle has a part cut-off, that part is one hour that we want you to spend with qriyo for a better you. An Hour for a Better You.


Credits: Qriyo logo is designed by the ever awesome Kirti Vardhan Rathore . You can check his page The Broken Hash for amazing photographs and designs. Thank you Kirti for the brilliant logo.

Note: The logo somewhat takes the idea from the set theory of mathematics. If you are more interested in maths, check out math courses here.