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Why art & creativity is important for kids

Palak Goel 0

When was the last time, you handed your kids a paint brush instead of a pen? When was the last time you asked your kids to stop studying, as they would have been studying for hours and rather you would have asked them to take out their paint colors and paint brushes and draw something out of their imagination?

Long time, right? Maybe not after the age of 4 years or basically from the time you sent her to school. As you would have made them so busy in competing with the toddlers, that they even forgot what is it like to have a vivid imagination. As for them to draw something means to have a picture in front of them and draw that.

Everybody wants their child to excel in studies, without realizing the fact, how these children are losing touch of reality and innocence in their lives. Their lives which are now just full of competition and nothing else.

Here are some of the reasons why a kid should not lose the magical site of art and creativity in themselves-

1. Helps in Overall Development

If you encourage your child for creativity, it doesn’t mean that your child has to become the next PICASSO, but it is the fact that it helps the child in his/ hers emotional, social and studious personality. It may sound weird but with the fact that when a child messes around with a paint brush, the skills of mechanics are developed, choosing the colours or counting the number of stars or trees they are drawing helps them with numbers and the different shades of colours they create help them with science.

2. Small – c Versus Big – C

When it comes to creativity one cannot always determine what kind of work is going to be presented. Art and Creativity is all about the uncertain presentations that are made. But in this world of creativity, there is a little difference which needs to be understood.
1. Small-c: This type of creativity is common and involves normal regular ideas and it is based on what other thinks but with a little bit of your touch.
2. Big- C : This type of creativity paves way for revolutionary ideas. A person having the qualities of Big- C is determined to create something out of the box and expand that idea.

However, it should be noted that it is not necessary that a child will have creativity in every field. For instance, a child can show the skills of creativity in Mathematics but may not be able to show creativity in Physics.

3. Exhibition of Higher Self Esteem

As per the studies, a person who is creative shows higher creative skills than a person who is least interested or comparatively less interested may have higher self-esteem and motivation level. This is because a child having creative skills doesn’t only find innovative ideas to do the work but also paves for himself/ herself a path for success in art, science and technology. As it is said, creativity is the hallmark for ingenuity.

4. Embrace Originality

Studies claim that a person who shows a higher level of creativity has more original vibe than a person who is comparatively less creative. This is because the child is out of the box thinker and can easily and boldly accept unfamiliar ways of doing things. He/ she may not wait for somebody else to teach them how to do the task but rather would take the first step of doing it themselves, even if it means a failure. The fact about creative children is this that they are not afraid of failures, and a person who can accept failure can conquer anything in this World.

5. Improves Cognitive Development

When a child is exposed towards creativity at a primitive stage, the child develops cognitive skills. This is because creative skills open gates for a  better learning than those done with the traditional methods. This can be explained as when a child does not want to study, so one can lure him/ her into a game of Play Dough, with the different set of colours and the numbers of colors you can teach them about numbers.
So clearly, it is seen that a child is studying without even realizing the fact. This type of learning is with the child for a longer period of time as compared to those which are done by mugging. This is because a child is facing the concept and is not just forced to do the task.

If you have only told your child to score the highest marks in class, now is your chance to tell her that it’s OKAY being an average child. Don’t play with the precious minds of your child.



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