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Why is discipline important from an early age? Find Out

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A yes is not an answer to avoid a no. A child should learn to hear a no since an early age. Discipline usually comes with a negative implication, but it is equally important as your basic needs such as food, sleep, love when it comes to upbringing your child. It can be a challenging task to provide boundaries for our children while enjoying and cherishing moments with our children. One can be lenient with these boundaries at the end of the day when you and your child both are bone-tired, but while enjoying the moments it is equally important to establish boundaries during those moments. Lets learn about why is discipline important.

Here are some of the reasons to know as to why is discipline important for your child and mine.

  1. Boundaries make them feel safe:

    children have a tendency to test you; in fact, that’s how they learn as to what is acceptable and what is not. For their energy to be channelised into the right direction, kids should know certain boundaries and should feel safe and secure, because if the case does not be as stated, they keep testing negative behaviours and waste their energies.

  2. Discipline helps to teach impulse control:

    Right from their early years, a child should learn impulse control. When they are very young and cannot speak, most likely they react physically. With discipline, they know how to react to situations, and control their urges. In such situations, we realise why is discipline important for a child since his childhood.

  3. Discipline helps in better decision making:

    Discipline can help a child in choosing good choices. For instance, if a child loses the privilege of going out to play, the next time he would make a better choice dealing with things. Certain mistakes teach children to distinguish between consequences and punishments. However, punishments might teach a child how to behave properly and not get caught. Pertinent discipline can help the child develop a sense of problem-solving skills. Hence, we say why is discipline important.

  4. Discipline helps in balancing emotions:

    A child should know how to handle his emotions such as love, anger, happy, sad etc. Several discipline strategies, such as time-out, praise, etc can teach kids how to deal with their emotions. For instance, if a child is put in a time-out session after fighting with his sister, then the next time he would learn how to control his anger in a better way. If you praise a child while he is working on something, then he might be able to learn how to deal with frustration. when a child throws off his tantrums, sometimes its okay to give-in so that the next time he learns that, it wasn’t the best way to make his needs met. Ignore whining and sobbing and he will learn that such things won’t help to change your decisions.

  5. Discipline helps fighting anxiety issues:

    Believe it or no, but kids do have a hard time taking adult decisions. When parents leave it on kids to take their decisions, it’s very unsettling for kids. Kids get anxious when they have to be in charge of something. kids lack leadership skills and lack of guidance makes them nervous when it comes to deciding something. They find it safe when they have someone else to decide for them.

  6. Helps in better comprehension of things:

    A child’s mind is like a fertile soil in which seeds have to be planted. He knows nothing of what is right and wrong. When you teach your child about something, for instance, not to jump two stairs at a time, so rather than saying, “don’t do this” say, “You would fall and get and get hurt”, this way he would be able to comprehend. Kids are very curious about the reasons. Elaborate on everything that you tell them, if they know about the reasons for your rules, they would be able to process even when you aren’t around.

I hope now you’re able to understand the importance of discipline in a child’s life. How parents discipline their child, a child also needs to learn discipline from his mentor. Needless to say, our home tuition website Qriyo has got some amazing mentors, so download our home tuition app now to book your first visit for a martial art class at home.


why is discipline important among children


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