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Why Math is so hard & how to prevent setbacks for your child

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You see, we are taught certain habits since our childhood to make sure those things persist throughout our lives. So why not we give math also a life, a birth and then nurture it like a kid! The other day, I found out my colleague Mandeep Gill (who also writes cool things about space, science, fitness and parenting on Qriyo Blog) answering a similar question on Quora, and I actually like the way he saw mathematics. Why math is so hard, and here is how I see it now!

Actually, math has got to do with the brain type we use.  To be a left brain thinker will somewhat help your kid to score well in math. However, how do we open a brain to see the process right? Also many may say that math comes from discipline, commitments, and such heavy terms. There is one factor that needs more attention than others, it is the fact that math is a different type of subject in a child’s school life. Why is it different? I hope you will find out after reading this post.

Here I begin with a simple clarification, Why math is so hard must not be the question. The question should be when does one find math hard. To this, I have possible reasons and following are some to count:

  • Maybe you lack patience and persistence.
  • Or you are easy off with giving up.
  • Also when you are just too eager to jump to the conclusion and keep forgetting the journey to that conclusion.

One thing is for sure, one needs to have patience. That’s all. So, at the first place is patience (that may be there initially or may come eventually). Secondly, there comes this ‘mantra’ by my colleague, to use the basics. “There is this one property or rule you’ll find in every math question you pick up” he had addressed. To which I would also like to add the third step which is to break up the things in small increments. This way I am sure you’ll inevitably continue. Clearly, “why math is so hard” and crying over it is a myth. “yes, I can” is a new truth. Trust me, this will help you lead your kid as a global competitor.

Before I reveal how to prevent future setbacks for your child, let us quickly understand the three magical steps again!

Steps to avoid “why math is so hard”

  • Step one:

    Practice thinking before you act. I believe that is the sole rescue lack of patience. Slow down the process of thinking, with a cool mind in addition. This helps you gather the zeal not to jump off to the solution page and first be analytical about the problem. This shall help improve your kid’s attitude too. Find out the 4 simple tricks to solve quantitative aptitude questions.

  • Step two:

    Sort and filter out the basic property or rule involved in the math. Suppose you’re learning algebra in 6th grade for the first time. By the time you reached the seventh grade, you were already applying the learned basics to solve a higher level algebra problems. And the process goes on. Hence, I mean to say is to filter the basic part and solve it first with the underlying property you know. However, let me warn you to be crystal clear with your basics to do so. If your kid didn’t tell you about the issues she is facing in the 6th grade, those lack of basics will escalate in 7th grade and there starts the development of fear of math. That problem will only escalate in 8th grade to make a snowball effect. Basics is the key, that alone makes it a different kind of subject, that requires prior knowledge to solve advanced problems.

    Don’t forget to book a home tuition for mathematics so that your kid could use the personal attention of the tutor to overcome the problem of basics and always maintain good academic performance.

  • Step three:

    Break up the rest of the question into small chunks. Try clearing each one by one, may be serially and this shall gain you incentives. Okay, let us look at it by relating to real-life examples. Since you were first taught the alphabets and then the sentence forming. Similarly, you must first apply the basics, then the trial and error methods. Once found the right method, just apply it to your question!

And now, to the parents who stay much worried about how to avoid future setbacks caused by math for their child, here are some facts you must abide:

How to avoid future setbacks in your child’s future

  1. Pay special attention to your kid’s math performance to ensure they always understand the basics completely. Take frequent tests/quizzes to get to know where they are getting stuck. If you think they need a home tutor for maths, then just book one.
  2. There are new and improved tricks to teach math to kids, it’s called experiential learning. You must think out of the box to explain a simple concept to a child so that she doesn’t forget it. What we actually mean when we say divide 50 by 5? Have you tried to explain this to your child using real life examples?
  3. Make sure even if your kid is solving math, he/she doesn’t get anxious. Find out what all that makes a kid anxious.

With this, I hope my words serve some purpose. Rest, once again, I say, “why math is so hard” is just a matter of perception. There are other splendid ways to teach your growing kid the values of this global crowd. Hire a tutor now with great offers by India’s first managed home tuition app. You may also find about it through our home tuition website.

why math is so hard
why math is so hard
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