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Why mother can’t be your permanent teacher?

Shivam Pandey 0

Since childhood, we have been very well acquainted with the fact that mothers are the first teachers of every child. This is true because they are the one with whom the child is attached mentally and emotionally. There is a great understanding between the two. But she cannot replace a tutor after a certain age or some instance of time.
Every mother wants his child to be the best one in the world. She tries to convey her skills in her child in the best possible way. But as the child grows, this fact becomes strong that there should be a tutor, as parental teaching can no longer help their child to learn with the same zeal as other children do. The reasons are many, let us discuss few of them

  • Emotions matter when mother is a tutor

    A mother’s heart will never want her child to suffer any difficulties. You cannot simply ignore this and let the things go on as your heart won’t allow you to see your child in trouble. Although the results may be fruitful at the end mother’s soft heart sometimes makes it uneasy.

  • Unprofessional, because she is a mother:

    Professionalism is the key to perfection. You need to know all the hooks and crooks of teaching, which should be a homogenous composition of facts and morals. This stuff is best handled by a professional teacher.

  • Irregularity, as a mother is also a home maker:

    Being taught by a professional tutor helps you learn discipline in a better way. Children generally behave well in front of others than their family members. But the same thing cannot happen as a mother has many other works to do. If she is teaching her child, there are more chances that the study hours follow an irregular cycle.

  • Less attentive children:

It has been observed that the child is less attentive when taught by her mother as he is too familiar with her and simply can manipulate her by his cute expressions. But a tutor is professional, he will not be manipulated by such tactics and the child also listens to them as they are afraid of the tutors.

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