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Why Home Tutor For Competitive Exams?

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Home tuitions

In India, all parents and children are now in believing that personalized tuitions parallel to institution study are a necessity.  And most and foremost consider home tuitions the best way to provide quality education to child or student in comfort surroundings.  Today, when education is all part of business, nobody gives individual focus and attention (in the broader sense) to students. That’s why parents and now all growing children also when study for achieving some aim or goal wants to have deep learning with full attention and one-one interaction. Some parents or students wants to study in particular stream or subjects area also opt for home tuitions in that very stream or subjects area. This will help limit fee charge. Today, the main problem for parents and students to face in tuitions centers or institutions is that they charge heavily on fee and spare no time for other activities and hobbies. In home tuitions tutor coming to candidate’s home for taking classes which help parents and students to be in the safe environment and releases parents problems of pick and drop.

Why do we need Home Tutor?

To get answer to this question, one should questions themselves some queries as-

  • Am I good with all subjects to study?
  • Is there any one area of subjects needs to study?
  • Do I satisfy with my preparation?
  • Why are the results not according to the preparations?
  • Am I in pressure of good result or lacking in confidence?
  • Why do you have less time to study?
  • Do I lack parental attention?
  • Am I getting myself hiding from the study?


Home tuition provides you the solutions to these queries by providing the required study module in home and safe learning environment under parental attention.


When do we need a Home tutor?

The need of home tutor depends on individual and parents expectation.  But, we should opt for home tutoring if we really find some difficulties in particular subjects area like Science, Mathematics, English etc or in fact as we are in a competitive world facing lots of competition exams all through our studies, we should take guidance from home tutor in particular examination of considerations. Home tutoring will be very much beneficiary for competitions exams as has to polish some specific ability to face the particular section like Numerical, Reasoning, English or Hindi Languages, Computer, etc.

Home Tuitions for Competitive Exams

The best way to get extra learning or specific learning is home tuitions. Today mostly in India, all recruitments and entrance are having competitions exams. The competitions exam is the next step to each and every child/students to move forward. The question to arise in this situation is to study for competitions again with all set of studies already done in previous time or to have focused on some specific subjects or areas to deal with in the competition.  The competition examinations are being conducted to identify the candidate ability in particular specific areas like Languages, Numerical, Reasoning, GK & Current Affairs, Computer, etc.  Instead of going through all the subjects, the candidate should focus on the subject area in which he/she is lacking behind. Thus, the home tuitions for competitive examinations are the ideal scenario to opt for better grooming.


Comparative Analysis on Home Tuitions and Tuition Center

S.NoHome TuitionsTuitions Center
1.It provides a homely comfortable environment of learning.It is like a classroom and provides a more competitive learning environment.
2.Learning with a high concentration on a specific goal.Learning with a low concentration and diversified attention.
3.Study under the knowledge of parents.Parents are having no attention to children study.
4.Time-saving and more studies.Time-consuming on traveling with risk and limited subject specific time.
5.Motivation comes from self.Motivation comes from the group.
6.Create study Module according to the ability of the student.Already set Modules of study to follow for each and every student.
7.Parents and child both involve in selecting the best Home Tutor.Teacher selection is in the hands of the Tuition center. No involvement of parents.
8.Less Expensive fee structureHighly Expensive fee structure.
9.It provides individual attention to strength and weakness.No attention on individual student strength and weakness. Only focus on course module.
10It is more of a learning tool.It is a business and corporate body.


Merits and Demerits of Home Tuitions

1.One on One study environment.Not building competitive learning environment.
2.Comfortable and homely environment.Less pressure on study
3.Study under eye watch of parents.Socially isolated from friends and groups.
4.Focus on individual strength /weakness.Not providing an advance competitive module of study.
5.Parents can involve in selecting the best tutor.Selecting the good home tutor is a difficult task.
6.Beneficiary for self-motivated studentsNot good for the comprehensive study of all subjects.
7.Less ExpensiveQuite Expensive for lower income parents.
8.Time-SavingManage time according to tutor.
9.Students can voice their queries.Need a space to study without distraction.
10Provide safety to students.Not study in a locked room


How QRIYO helps in providing home tutor?

Today, when it comes to searching the best home tutor, parents mostly find them in a difficult situation to deal with. In this, Qriyo helps parents and candidate the best home tutor in various areas as Academics, Hobbies, Sports & Fitness, and Life Skills. Qriyo provides you the complete evaluations of the tutor past experience, performance and results to look and give you proper guidance to select the best tutor according to their needs and requirements.  Most importantly, Qriyo has a database of all gurus with specific subject expertise, which is very needed in consideration for competition exams. Our approach is Student -Centered Approach with aim of providing the satisfactory solutions to all queries and doubts of students by one on one attention. Our tutor builds study module according to the requirement of students and helps in study materials /notes and also get the assessment of the study.

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