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Top 5 Yoga Classes In Mumbai

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Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means addition – an addition of positive energy, beauty as well as serenity to mind and body. The history of yoga can be traced back to early 5000 BCE. Yoga has been an integral part of the heritage of India. It has evolved into its current form as a result of various socio-cultural factors. Good health, flexible body, increased strength are some of the partial benefits of yoga. However, we fail to realize its impact on mind and soul. It creates a tranquilizing effect and calms disturbed minds. In addition to this, practicing yoga on a regular basis improves eye-hand coordination and gives a boost to the immunity level. The following enlists best yoga classes in Mumbai which will help you in controlling blood pressure and circulation which eventually improves mental as well as physical health.

Here are some of the best Yoga Classes In Mumbai :


 1) The Yoga Institute:


Established in 1918 by late Shri Yogendraji, the yoga institute is one of the oldest yoga centers in the world. The main aim of the institute is to spread the message about the benefits of yoga to a large number of people and create a tension-ridden world. The institute assists over 1500 people daily and provides the proper training and consultations. It also offers Yoga teacher-training courses, yoga therapies, asanas couples counseling as well as ethics for everyday life. Furthermore, The centers of the yoga institute are available in three most prominent areas in Mumbai which are Matunga, Kandivali, and Andheri.

Telephone No : +91-22-26122185  / +91-22-26110506


2) YogaSutra

YogaSutra – India’s first boutique yoga studio was established in 2008 by Samanta Duggal and Shaleen Parekh. This yoga center offers classes for hath yoga and Ashtanga yoga in a small batch. It provides three different and flexible packages to their students. The unique feature of this institute is that it bestows multiple classes as per the utility of the students. In addition, the studio also holds yoga classes for kids under the age of 4. It also conducts in-house physiotherapy session as well as introspective workshops to guide and illuminate the path of their students.

Telephone No : +91-22-3210 7069


3) Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga:

Bharat Thakur Yoga classes in Mumbai is apparently revolutionary institute which distinctively combines customary yoga technique with modernistic cardio exercises and stretching. It also offers special classes for kids as well as for elderlies. The entire ambiance of the studio is calm and relaxing. Consequently, this creates an ideal environment to mitigate and unwind the dirt of stress from the mind and soul of students.

Telephone No.- 1800 102 1000 / 9821708899

4) Bikram Hot Yoga Studio at True Fitness:

Bikram Hot Yoga Studio is a plush institute situated in Andheri. The course that it offers includes over 25 postures effectively combined with breathing exercises. Together with this, it conducts 35 classes per week and offers a wide range of programmes to their students. The temperature of the studio is raised to a minimum of 41 degrees Celsius. The high temperature is maintained in the studio to boost the detoxification process through sweating. Furthermore, it also offers services such as face and body treatments, body polish, body massages.

Telephone No : +91-22-6784 6784


5) Cosmic Fusion:

Distinct from customary yoga classes, Cosmic Fusion is a phenomenal yoga studio. It offers vivid yoga classes for couples as well as for children. It organizes classes in tiny batches consisting of 12-13 students. Consequently, each student gets proper attention. In addition, the entire studio is aroma filled to create a pacifying and soothing ambiance.

Telephone No : +91-22-2648 8055


In a life full of stress and anxieties, yoga can act as a stress buster. It offers an extensive method of developing a fit body as well as a sound mind. Furthermore, practicing yoga can prevent certain health-related issues. It is crucial to have a good trainer with full-fledged knowledge about the science of yoga. Well.. We provide you with competent teachers who can teach your child excellent yoga techniques. Call a Yoga Home tutor at your doorstep. Download the home tuition app & book your first class today.




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