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Yoga for women over 40

Mandeep Gill 0

Women over 40, whether housewives or working professional, have a hard time taking care of themselves. They generally have more responsibilities in an everyday life than a man does. Wake up, prepare food and send kids to school, take care of the house, go grocery shopping, teach kids, and what not. On the other hand, a working woman also has to take care of the house and kids apart from handling work. As a result, the body starts to age fast because you’re using it more and maintaining it less and less. Your stress levels rise which results in altercations and the thing you know, you realize the life is not very good, you don’t find enthusiasm in anything anymore.

To all those women who can relate this with their lives, I recommend practising Yoga.  It will dramatically change your life, you will start to feel energetic again, and despite your work, you will notice positive changes in your mood. Below are some of the important changes you will have if you make Yoga a part of your life.

  • Less stress and more happiness

Yoga helps to lower your stress levels (cortisol) and increase your happiness hormone (serotonin). By doing Yoga early in the morning, you will feel more energetic, you will start to pick more interest in your chores with fewer complaints.

yoga for women over 40


  • A healthier and flexible body

All those things that take a big toll on your body can be neutralized by Yoga. A human body can easily do things all day without taking abnormal damage provided you take good care of it. You will become flexible and active enough to handle your day to day activities like a cake walk. You know you cannot run away from your duties, so might as well be prepared to perform them seamlessly, at least this way you will stay healthy.

  • Goodbye diseases

There are several yoga poses designed to improve the health of your internal organs. Your blood sugar levels will stay in control, as well as your cholesterol levels. For people suffering from asthma, Yoga is a blessing.

  • Efficiency at work and time management

Be it office work or housework, you will notice significant improvement. You might just be able to spare some time and may be do something which you used to do when you were young, like singing or dancing lessons, or writing, or painting and keep your younger version alive.

  • A happy relationship

Studies suggest that a person is more likely to adopt a good habit if he finds a partner. We all know women worry about the health of their family a lot, that’s why they buy good food products, pay special attention to what everybody is eating. If you think your husband is not paying attention to his health these days because of work pressure, you can encourage him to practice Yoga with you every morning. They say a family should eat breakfast together and have some conversation to maintain that connection between them, but it seems like that’s not happening anymore. Doing Yoga together will release both of your stress and you will start to live a happy life again, your conversations will become more polite, may start eating breakfast together?

yoga for women over 40

  • Cure insomnia

If you have a lot of stress, you will definitely have trouble while sleeping. Yoga calms your mind and helps you to have a good night’s sleep which is imperative for a number of health reasons. A good 7 to 8-hour sleep is necessary for your body and mind to stay healthy.


These benefits will not come overnight, you need to do Yoga on a regular basis and advance to further stages so reap all these benefits with time.

Yoga has a lot to offer than you think, and there is only one way to find out. Make Yoga a part of your life and witness the changes yourself.

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