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Yoga or Gym? 7 reasons why Yoga is better than Gym

Mandeep Gill 0

Having experienced different types of workouts like yoga, HIIT, weight training, aerobics, etc., I can say that every workout has its own pros. The thing about cons is, they vary from person to person. The workout itself does not have any con. Every physical or mental activity is designed to make your body and mind better than what they were yesterday. But, this is also true that one type of workout cannot serve the purpose of everybody in the world, it is definitely not “one size fits all”. Therefore, I am going to be giving you 7 reasons why Yoga is better than Gym and help you decide how yoga or gym can help you best.

A lot of people might have some health problems, or fractured bones, or any other factor which is stopping them from going to the gym. Or, a lot of people simply do not want to go to a gym, maybe because they don’t want to get bulky, or can’t make enough time to go.

Find out below if you should go for Yoga or Gym:

1.Yoga can be done anywhere

Yoga or Gym

You don’t a dedicated Yoga place to perform yoga. Just get a qriyo yoga guru at your doorstep and start your Yoga sessions. The only equipment you will need is a yoga mat. On the other hand, gym requires a place with equipment to workout.

2. Yoga improves concentration

Yoga or Gym

Yoga teaches you how to concentrate on things better. By ignoring the surroundings and focusing just on your poses, you can experience every small activity your body does. You will literally feel the air going in and out of your body. This practice can improve how you focus on work or studies.

3. Yoga is easier to continue

Yoga or Gym

If you find it hard to lift weights or run for miles, and scared of quitting it, then go for Yoga. The best thing about yoga is, it doesn’t require those intense gym movements. Of course, there levels in Yoga too, but to start off, you won’t feel that this is not for you. Also, when you experience Yoga, the concentration, the satisfaction, and meditation, you will eagerly wait for your next session, so you are less likely to quit it. This is exactly why I think Yoga is better than a gym for people who are not so confident about them sticking to a workout.

4. Yoga is for everybody

Yoga or Gym

Yoga or gym, that decision also depends on your age. Since there is no age limit for doing yoga, it can be done by everybody, unlike gym. A kid, as well as an aged person, can do it. It increases your concentration, which can play a crucial role in child’s development. Also, those who have health problems which are stopping them to lose weight in the gym, they can also go for yoga. With consistency and focus, Yoga can help you lose weight.

5. Yoga adds strength to your body

Yoga or Gym

The first word that comes to the mind when we hear strength is the gym. A gym workout adds a different kind of strength. The strength yoga can add is a different one. You will find it easier to manage your weight, and do exercises with your own body weight. A person needs an optimum level of strength to live a healthy life. The stretching and training of muscles in yoga will develop your muscular structure, which is crucial for overall body protection and strength.

6. Minimum muscle sourness

yoga vs gym

Gym workouts leave you paralyzed next morning, and it is not before 3-4 days that the pain goes away. This is also one of the reasons people avoid going to the gym. You can definitely stay fit even if you don’t want to go to a gym. Just do yoga and progress slowly and effectively. You will be able to move your body the next morning, knowing that the session was also worth it.

7. Yoga calms your mind

yoga or gym

All sorts of workout reduce your stress levels. Yoga can make you feel relaxed and calm right after the session, without making you tired like a gym workout does. Your mood will be happier, even if you have a lot of pending work to do. That is an amazing feeling to experience.

Either yoga or gym, or any other form of workout, you should make a habit of doing something. According to nature or God’s creation of Humans, we are not meant to just eat junk, work, and sleep. That is called abusing the body which won’t end up in your favor in future.

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