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Environmental Studies  for Class 6
EVS takes a student to a new level introducing him to the world of science and social science. Also, there are many home tutors available to teach EVS to students of class VI so they perform well in their syllabus.

Session wise Curriculum:

EVS course curriculum for Grade VI for home tuitions has been introduced keeping the NCERT and CBSE syllabus in mind. The EVS home tutors teach it while going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise EVS course curriculum for class VI is as following:


  • Sources of food
  • Plant parts and animal products as sources of food; herbivores, carnivores, omnivores.
  • Germination of seeds such as mung, chick pea etc..
  • Components of food
  • Key Concepts Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibres, their sources and significance for human health; balanced diet; diseases and disabilities due to food deficiencies.
  • Classifying foods according to food components; test for starch, sugars, proteins and fats.
  • Cleaning food
  • Key Concepts Threshing, winnowing, hand picking, sedimentation, filtration.

  • Materials of daily use
  • Different types of cloth materials – cotton, wool, silk and synthetics. Development of clothing materials. Plant fibre, especially cotton and jute; production of cotton, jute and other locally available plant fibres; types of soil required for the growth of different fibrous plants.
  • Different kinds of materials.
  • How things change/ react with one another
  • Solubility, saturated solutions.
  • Comparison of solubilities of different substances using nonstandard units (eg. spoon, paper cone).
The World of the Living

  • Things around us
  • Difference between living and non-living, Living/non-living characteristics; habitat; biotic, abiotic (light, temperature, water, air, soil, fire), Recollection of diversity of living organisms and the habitat where they live.The habitat of the living
  • Animals in deserts and water.
  • Plants – form and function
  • Animals – form and function
  • Structure and functions of the animal body; Human skeletal system, some other animals e.g. fish, bird, cockroach, snail.

  • Moving Things, People and Ideas
  • Measurement of length. Motion as change in position with time.
  • Measuring lengths and distances. Observation of different types of moving objects on land, in air, water and space. Identification and discrimination of various types of motion. How things work
Electric current and circuits

  • Electric current: Electric circuit, Conductor, Insulator.
  • Magnet. Poles of a magnet. Classification of objects into magnetic/non-magnetic classes.
  • Natural Phenomena Rain, thunder and lightning
  • Importance of water
  • Importance of water, dependence of the living on water. Droughts and floods.
  • Importance of air

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