Harmonium Lessons in Chandigarh

Learn to play Harmonium
Want to learn to play harmonium? Take the course and let our experts help you learn and play harmonium, Enroll, learn and play.


  • Know about Harmonium and its history.
  • Know about types of harmonium and their difference.
  • Learn To Play Harmonium - Fingering Techniques And Basic Lessons.
  • Learn about 39 keys, stops (main and drone), reeds, reed board, coupler and a scale changer.
  • Understand basic harmonium in deep.
  • Use everything learnt to play harmonium.


  • Harmonium.
  • A notebook to note down things.
  • Know about different kind of Harmonium and choose appropriate.
  • Good noise free and calm room.
  • A learning attitude.
  • A willingness to learn and improve.
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