Vocal Singing Classes in Chandigarh

Love Bollywood songs and want to sing? This course is for people who want to learn to sing quickly. Enroll and let our experts help you sing in no time.


  • Origin and history of bollywood vocal.
  • A solid foundation in the basics of singing is absolutely essential towards achieving a great voice. Learn it.
  • Learn the Basic Components of Singing: Pitch, Rhythm, Breath, Voice, Diction.
  • Learn about different genres.
  • Learn the basics throughly so that you can sing a variety of genre with ease.
  • Vocal Exercises For A Better Singing Voice, Breathing And Breath Management For Singing.
  • Sing and practise bollywood songs as a practise.


  • You should know Hindi.
  • Notebook to note down important things.
  • Good, calm and noise free environment.
  • A learning attitude.
  • Good pronunciation.

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