English Home Tutor for Class 1

English for Class 1
Do you find it difficult to read , write or speak English fluently ? Enroll with us and our home tutor will resolve your problem. The home tutor will teach you how to learn English grammar rules as well as how to pronounce English. The home tutor will resolve your problems and make you efficient in the subject.

Session wise Curriculum:

The syllabus is organised in five sessions which illustrate the following features:

Syllable vowel, two-syllable words, grade-appropriate inflectional endings, identify high-frequency/irregular words

Monitor reading, re-reading, Using phonemic awareness and spelling conventions

Long vowel, short vowel, their difference, single-syllable word

Blend phonemes of single-syllable words, isolating and promoting initial, medial vowel and final sounds.

Identify grade-level high-frequency or irregular words in and out of context and then learning to read them. Literature is being taught according to school syllabus.

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