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In grade 12, language, precision and clarity are what you are taught to focus upon. This course prepares students for college and workplace. The students are made to learn from informational and graphic texts. The course here emphasises on communication and creativity. As students text from different countries, they also develop skills to write efficiently.

Session-wise curriculum:

The course curriculum is divided into five units which are as following:


In this chapter, students are made to learn about listening, speaking and writing while making presentations. This is because presentations are important both in colleges and workplace. And once you have excelled in it, there is no looking back.

Modern Anthology

Here, students are made to read stories and poems which are written in the recent era. They learn more about sentence structure, punctuations etc.


These are online magazines where students learn more about cover art, editorial as well as about feature articles on net. They read blogs, videos etc and become updated with the current market trends.

Steinbeck or Yousafzai

Instead of making students run lengthy literature, here they are given two novels to read. It is written by Steinbeck and the other one is a memoir by Malala Yousafzai. Students here learn about vocabulary used in political and economical situations.

Final Assessments

Now, students are asked to create work portfolio reflecting on skills which they have developed while pursuing this course. This portfolio needs to get published on their blog.

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