English Home Tutor for Class 7

English for Class 7
Students learn complex writing skills by the end of seventh grade. There is a progress they make in reading, writing and language arts. They start reading with full fluency, constructively learn how to critique their as well as other’s writing. They start putting punctuation and right grammar wherever required. They also learn the art of focussing on comprehension.

Session-wise curriculum:

The module of grade 7 is divided into 5 sessions which are as following:

Analyzing literary passages

Here, students enhance their vocabulary skills. they select right synonyms, antonyms, homonyms etc. they also learn how to identify, interpret and analyze literary passages.

Reading & summarising texts

The comprehension process is being taught to students here. They learn how to summarise the text to derive its right message.

Making inferences of comprehension

Students learn to identify certain characters of the comprehension to get the main plot and idea of a story.

Displaying working knowledge

Here students display their knowledge of comprehension skills. They take the mock tests to know their knowledge level.

Indulging in activity

Here, students indulge in activity which build their vocabulary and fluency. They learn process of drawing conclusions from what they are reading.

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