English Home Tutor for Class 8

English for Class 8
The Grade 8online course introducesyou to high school English. You are given various grammar and writing skills exercises to sharpen your composition skills. Lessons are followed by assignments to ensure you have developed the skills required for this grade. Here, you develop appropriate writing skills, punctuations, grammar, and syntax skills. Your vocabulary gets strong and you develop fluency in speaking English.

Session wise Curriculum

The basic units defined for this course curriculum are as following:

Vocabulary Skills:

The vocabulary skills of students are expanded here. Also, you get to know new vocabulary in reading activities. You learn more about synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and idioms. Also, you develop a better understanding of suffixes, prefixes, and reading skills.

Process Skills

Here, you learn the art of summarising and clarifying the comprehension. Students learn to read and analyses comprehension texts individually.


Here you learn the better techniques of summarising, paraphrasing and synthesis. You learn to apply comprehension skills to expository texts while studying its cause and effect

State Simulation Assessments

Generally, tests are scheduled before taking standardised tests. Also, there is a mock assessment to test the reading comprehension skills of students.

Writing lessons

Here you get lessons to get strong vocabulary and fluency. You also get tips for comprehension, prewriting, literary response, analysis, and writing skills. You are asked to write a college application essay which remains to be your culminating writing assignment.

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