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Table Tennis: Beginner

Curriculum Basic Rules and proper playing etiquette. Basic serves for competitive play. Pri..

Starts from ₹6,000Ex Tax: ₹6,000

Learn Chess : Advanced Level

Curriculum Understand Blocking. Using Pins, deflections and decoys. Intuitive sacrific..

Starts from ₹4,200Ex Tax: ₹4,200

Learn Chess : Beginner Level

Curriculum The chessboard and the pieces. How the pieces move and special moves. Intro..

Starts from ₹3,000Ex Tax: ₹3,000

Learn Chess : Intermediate Level

Curriculum The weakness of the back rank. Principles of attacking. Elimination of Defe..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Learn Roller Skating

Curriculum Learn the basics of skating. Try Special Maneuvers like skating backwards, ..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Learn Swimming: General course

Curriculum Introduction to Water Skills. Basic lifesaving skill, such as chin-carry, cardio p..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

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