French Home Tutor for Class 8

French for Class 8
The French home tuition's for class VIII means a lot to students who want to take this language forward. Our French home tutors helps students by resolving their doubts and imparting them a thorough knowledge of the subject so that they can pursue the same in higher classes. Take the French home tuition for Class 8th and let our teachers help your kids learn french. Enroll, enjoy and learn french.

  • Unit 1: Vocabulary
  • Unit 2: Clothes
  • Unit 3: Colours and shapes
  • Unit 4: Parts of the body
  • Unit 5: Food
  • Unit 6: Rooms and features of the house
  • Unit 7: Reflexive verbs
  • Unit 8: Revisions – Present tense
  • Unit 9: Using Avoir Aller & Etre Faire
  • Unit 10: Using Vouloir Pouvoir
  • Unit 11: Wants and Wishes
  • Unit 12: Expressing your wants
  • Unit 13: Talk about why you’re learning French
  • Unit 14: My day
  • Unit 15: Describing your home
  • Unit 16: Talking about daily routine and the working days
  • Unit 17: French Shopping
  • Unit 18: Expressing yourself when buying clothes, shoes and bags
  • Unit 19: Learn how to describe an outfit
  • Unit 20: Reading French property ads

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Class 8 Home Tutor for French

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