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French for Class 7

French for Class 7
  • ₹4,000

French home tuition's for class VII takes a step ahead to fundamental course and take it to the next level. The students are introduced to all the rules of this language. Our home tutors make sure that the student don't face any challenges related to this language. Take the French home tuition for Class 7th and let our teachers help your kids learn french. Enroll, enjoy and learn french.
  • Easy
    Difficulty Level
  • 60
  • 48
  • Unit 1: Present tense for verbs
  • Unit 2: -ER, -IR and –RE
  • Unit 3: Present tense of irregular verbs
  • Unit 4: Verbs: To be able to & To want
  • Unit 5: To know
  • Unit 6: Possessive Pronouns
  • Unit 7: Shops
  • Unit 8: Packaging and measures
  • Unit 9: Family
  • Unit 10: Weather Forecast
  • Unit 11: The time
  • Unit 12: Asking and giving the time
  • Unit 13: Asking when the stores/museums open
  • Unit 14: Asking for prices and describing what you want
  • Unit 15: Travelling
  • Unit 16: Asking for information while buying your tickets
  • Unit 17: French ‘speed dating’
  • Unit 18: Talking about your family

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