Harmonium Lessons

Learn to play Harmonium
Want to learn to play harmonium? Take the course and let our experts help you learn and play harmonium, Enroll, learn and play.


  • Know about Harmonium and its history.
  • Know about types of harmonium and their difference.
  • Learn To Play Harmonium - Fingering Techniques And Basic Lessons.
  • Learn about 39 keys, stops (main and drone), reeds, reed board, coupler and a scale changer.
  • Understand basic harmonium in deep.
  • Use everything learnt to play harmonium.


  • Harmonium.
  • A notebook to note down things.
  • Know about different kind of Harmonium and choose appropriate.
  • Good noise free and calm room.
  • A learning attitude.
  • A willingness to learn and improve.
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