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Art & Craft

Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one's own hands. Arts and crafts is usually a hobby. Some crafts (art skills) have been practised for centuries, others are more recent inventions. A quote by Apoorva Rathore: " Art cannot be taught, it comes from thinking. But it can be improved by practice."

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Art for Kids

Curriculum Learn to draw basic shapes. Water color painting. Crayon art. ..

Starts from ₹3,500Ex Tax: ₹3,500

Calligraphy: Advanced

Curriculum Calligraphy styles and fonts.Holding techniques.Options to Choose from a number of..

Starts from ₹3,500Ex Tax: ₹3,500

Calligraphy: Basic

Curriculum Introduction to calligraphy Start with straight down strokes and then upstro..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Canvas Painting: Intermediate Level

Curriculum Revisit the Basics of Canvas Painting.Learn to mix up the tones and create..

Starts from ₹4,200Ex Tax: ₹4,200

Charcoal Painting

Curriculum Introduction to Charcoal painting.Difference between charcoal paiting and ..

Starts from ₹4,800Ex Tax: ₹4,800

Creative Toolkit Essentials: Basic Sketching

Curriculum Introduction to pencil sketchingThe art of using pencils.Different types o..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Creative Toolkit Essentials: Oil Painting

Curriculum Introduction to oil painting.The Difference between oil paiting and other painting..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Creative Toolkit Essentials: Watercolour Painting

Curriculum Introduction to water color painting.Basics of color wheelHow to use diffe..

Starts from ₹3,500Ex Tax: ₹3,500

Jewellery Design

Curriculum Art jewellery overview.Choose what type of jewellery interests y..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Learn Knitting

Curriculum Knitting overview.Learn to Make a Slipknot, Casting On, Casting off Knitti..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Learn: Embroidery

Curriculum Embroidery overview.Learn the embroidery basics.Learn running stitch, back..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Learn: Pencil Sketching

Curriculum What is pencil sketching? How to use pencils. Different types of pencil..

Starts from ₹2,400Ex Tax: ₹2,400

Learn: Quilling

Curriculum What is Quilling and its history. Basics of Quilling. How to use Quilling t..

Starts from ₹2,400Ex Tax: ₹2,400

Make Glass Beautiful : Glass Painting Course

Curriculum Introduction to glass painting.The Difference between glass paiting and other pain..

Starts from ₹4,800Ex Tax: ₹4,800


Curriculum Origami overview and its history. Basics of Origami. Learn Origami Basics F..

Starts from ₹3,000Ex Tax: ₹3,000

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