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Painting is the art of creating pictures by applying color to a surface. Paintings can record events; capture a likeness of a person, place, or object; tell stories; decorate walls and illustrate texts. Paintings can express emotions and ideas, or simply be enjoyed for their beauty. Whether you have always wanted to paint or just want to start out, we offer a variety of painting courses for you.

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Art for Kids

Curriculum Learn to draw basic shapes. Water color painting. Crayon art. ..

Starts from ₹3,500Ex Tax: ₹3,500

Canvas Painting: Intermediate Level

Curriculum Revisit the Basics of Canvas Painting.Learn to mix up the tones and create..

Starts from ₹4,200Ex Tax: ₹4,200

Charcoal Painting

Curriculum Introduction to Charcoal painting.Difference between charcoal paiting and ..

Starts from ₹4,800Ex Tax: ₹4,800

Creative Toolkit Essentials: Oil Painting

Curriculum Introduction to oil painting.The Difference between oil paiting and other painting..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Creative Toolkit Essentials: Watercolour Painting

Curriculum Introduction to water color painting.Basics of color wheelHow to use diffe..

Starts from ₹3,500Ex Tax: ₹3,500

Make Glass Beautiful : Glass Painting Course

Curriculum Introduction to glass painting.The Difference between glass paiting and other pain..

Starts from ₹4,800Ex Tax: ₹4,800

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