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Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dancing is one of the hottest dances around! It is the foundation of every great Indian Bollywood Film. The dances are a fusion of traditional and classical indian dances with the influence of some jazz, hip-hop and modern dance

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Choreography: One Song

Curriculum Theory of beats and rhythm of the song. Understand the beats and bring it in..

Starts from ₹1,800Ex Tax: ₹1,800

Anybody Can Dance

Curriculum Theory of beats and rhythm. Learning to judge music and songs. Understand t..

Starts from ₹3,600Ex Tax: ₹3,600

Complete Wedding Choreography

Curriculum Introductions and greetings. An Indian wedding without dance is unimagina..

Starts from ₹7,200Ex Tax: ₹7,200

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