Sanskrit Home Tutor for Class 6

The Sanskrit home tuitions for class VI build a new mechanism among students it being a new language for them in class VI. As it is similar to Hindi, students take keen interest in exploring this language. When they are stuck while studying, the Sanskrit home tutors help them in resolving their doubts.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Grade VI Sanskrit home tuition course goes in accordance with the CBSE, State boards etc syllabus. The Sanskrit home tutors refer the CBSE/ NCERT/ State Board course as sample course. The sessions and tentative Sanskrit course curriculum for class VI are as following:

Chapter 1-4

  • Alphabets
  • Nouns
  • Indeclinables
  • Verbs and tenses
Chapter 5-8

  • Person and number
  • Simple sentences
  • Nouns and cases
  • Prefix
Chapter 9-12

  • Suffixes
  • Numerals
  • Voice
  • Combination
  • Scriptures
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