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English for Class 9
The course for grade 9 comprises skills for oral communication, reading, writing, and media literacy skills. You learn the tricks to analyse texts from contemporary as well as historical journals and periods. The course contributes a lot to build effective communication and prepares students for the Grade 10 academic English course.

Session-wise curriculum:

The different units scheduled for this course are as following:


You can read texts, poetry as well as short stories. Also, they discuss and read about diverse text features.

Drama and Media Studies

In this chapter, you read about Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (both the play and modern productions)and explore features of comedy formulas, casting and advertising. Also, you are given several assignments where you need to focus on the theme of adapting Twelfth Night for a modern television audience.

Novel Study – Skud or The Chrysalids:

You need to read two novels in sections. The vocabulary is really difficult and you need to read between the lines to understand the novel and then evaluate and write about it. Once you are through, submit it to the teacher for evaluation.

Youth Power!

In this unit, you learn to develop active listening skills as well as speaking skills. You also develop vocal strategies by listening to lectures and presentations.

Final Assessment

Now, comes the time to take the test. It comprises 30% of your total marks of your final grade.

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