Swimming is one sport/exercise which is great for both mind and body. Learn swimming as it is both fun and healthy. Enroll in a swimming course by Qriyo and learn swimming from Qriyo verified home tutor at your home.


  • Introduction to Water Skills.
  • Basic lifesaving skill, such as chin-carry, cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic first aid knowledge.
  • Water safety and basic front crawl skills, as well as breath control.
  • Floating with or without a floating board, kicks, arm movements, integration of breathing with front crawl, etc.
  • Kicking, bobbing, underwater exploration, front and back floating.
  • Gliding with face in the water, open eyes under water.
  • Learn about exercises that can strengthen you and help in swimming.


  • Appropriate swimming costume.
  • Basic first aid box.
  • Few swimming equipments as informed by the Qriyo Guru.
  • Willingness to work hard and improve.
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