Computer Home Tutor in Jodhpur for Class 2

Computer Science for Class 2
Computer helps in developing a child’s acumen. It takes students on a journey to a different world. And computer home tuitions for this subject further makes a student an intelligent lad. The CBSE computer syllabus for class II is scheduled keeping in mind well-defined educational norms and standards.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Computer course for Grade II for home tuitions has been introduced keeping the NCERT and CBSE syllabus in mind. The computer home tutors teach it while going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise computer course curriculum for class II is as following:



  • Names of basic parts of a computer
  • General carefulness, including power switch on/off, Notion of a cursor and positioning the mouse pointer, Such as: Pointing to photographs in a photos folder, Operating a Mouse: Single and Double click of the left button, First attempts to position pointer; open any file/folder; Operating a Keyboard: Letters and Enter key.
Unit 2


  • Further Do’s and Don’ts. How to keep the computer and surroundings clean
  • Introduction to Desktop.Such as: icons, background and windows.Opening and closing some files seen on the Desktop
  • Such as: double clicking on some music files or videos.Open a Music player and then play a music file
  • Such as: Click on the music player icon on Desktop, and then open a file
Unit 3


  • How does a computer work, Flowchart and Number system, Computer languages, TUX paint
Unit 4


  • Demo of few interesting uses and applications such as listening to music, drawing pictures, paint brush, parts of computers and its functions, computer operation

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Class 2 Home Tutor in Jodhpur for Computer

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