Knitting Classes in Jodhpur

Learn Knitting
Want to learn knitting and knit beautiful clothes? Take our course and learn all the basics of knitting from our experts. Enroll, learn and enjoy knitting.


  • Knitting overview.
  • Learn to Make a Slipknot, Casting On, Casting off Knitting stitches.
  • Making a Yarn Ball.
  • Slip-Stitch Decrease, Working Two Stitches Together,
  • Common Stitches like Garter Stitch, Stockinette Stitch, Reverse Stockinette Stitch.
  • Learn the terminology and knit beautiful things.


  • A knitting toolkit.
  • All the other materials like yarn, threads etc.
  • Check Pinterest, blogs for inspiration.
  • A notebook to note down things.
  • A learning attitude.

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