Sanskrit Home Tutor in Jodhpur for Class 8

Sanskrit for Class 8
Learning Sanskrit in class VIII opens newer avenues. The students here have the option to take it to next level. Meanwhile, the Sanskrit home tutors play a bigger role in making students learn this language thoroughly so that their basics remain clear. Thus Sanskrit home tuitions can help students in scoring well in their exams so that they excel in their exams.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Grade VIII Sanskrit home tuition course goes in accordance with the CBSE, State boards etc syllabus. The Sanskrit home tutors refer to the CBSE/ NCERT/ State Board course as sample course. The sessions and tentative Sanskrit course curriculum for class VIII are as following:

Chapter 1-4

  • The Object
  • Adjectives
  • Direct Address
  • Neuter Nouns
Chapter 5-8

  • Making Words
  • Verb Prefixes
  • Primary Suffixes
  • Secondary Suffixes
  • Adverbs (+e)
Chapter 9-12

  • Reading
  • Review
  • Nouns
  • Passive Verbs (+e)
  • More Pronouns
Chapter 13-16

  • Short Pronouns, etad, and ena
  • Pronominal Adjectives
  • Asking Questions
  • Pronoun Bits: idam
  • Reading
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