Yoga Classes for Elders in Jodhpur

Yoga for Elders
We are as young as we feel! Yoga helps to tone up the body and keep our internal organs and hormonal system in balance. Yoga is very beneficial for elders so book a yoga course now.


  • A general introduction to Yoga.
  • Substitute warm-ups with brisk walking and joint movements.
  • Standing Yoga Poses Triangle Pose (konasana series) and Standing Spinal Twist (Kati chakrasanas).
  • Sitting Yoga Poses Butterfly Pose, Cradling (if possible), body rotation, Cat stretch, and Child pose (Shishu Asana).
  • Yoga nidra to help assimilate the effect of the asana practice into our system.
  • How to perform yoga without hurting yourself.


  • A calm, clean, noise free and comfortable environment.
  • A Yoga Mat.
  • Dress should be appropriate.
  • A notebook to record steps at the initial stages.
  • Music System (Optional).
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