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Learn to play a Drum

Learn to play a Drum
  • ₹3,600

Do you find drums exciting? Come and take the drumming course from our experts. Enroll and start drumming in no time.
  • Easy
    Difficulty Level
  • 60
  • 12


  • Introduction to drums and music as a whole
  • Choosing the right drum set
  • Proper way of setting up drums and posture
  • Learning basic techniques like rim shots, heel-toe, proper cymbal technique
  • Application of essential drum rudiments (Patterns of drumming)
  • Jamming and finding your style


  • A carefully curated drum set
  • Soundproof environment
  • Accessories like drum keys and & ear plugs
  • A notebook to note down important things
  • A mat or a carpet to put the drums on
  • Willingness to learn and patience.

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