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Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office is a very popular tool which is commonly used at home, schools and offices for organizing, handling and presenting data and information. It includes a number of tools: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Join our course and be a pro at MS office tools.

  • How to navigate the Word interface
  • How to use templates
  • Basic and advanced text, paragraph, and document formatting
  • How to use Microsoft Word for desktop publishing
  • How to create brochures, flyers, and even business cards using MS Word
  • How to install apps to use with Word
  • How to insert images, graphics, and video
  • How to connect MS Word to social media
  • How to use MS Word as a photo editor
  • How to create even more impressive tables than ever before using new formatting tools
  • How to solve mathematical equations using Word
  • How Spreadsheets Work
  • Manage and share workbooks
  • Spreadsheets Quick Reference
  • Apply custom formats and layouts
  • Create advanced formulas
  • Create and use pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Use What-If Analysis to determine possible outcomes
  • Sorting and Filtering Lists
  • Create data lists and forms
  • Create presentations
  • Work with slides
  • Add enhancement
  • Present content in tables
  • Fine-tune elements
  • Work in Powerpoint more efficiently
  • Printing Audience Handouts
  • Collaborate using social media and PowerPoint together
  • Work with Master Slides to make editing your presentation easy
  • Animate objects on slides to bring them to life
  • Understanding Outlook
  • Scheduling Appointment and using other tools in the calendar
  • Tasks Quick references
  • Using contacts tools in Outlook
  • Format text within emails
  • Advanced formatting techniques to create HTML newsletters in the body of an email!
  • Create to-do lists
  • Basic usage of Microsoft OneNote
  • Sharing Data between Microsoft Office Applications
  • Object Embedding
  • Updating An Embedded Object
  • Object Linking
  • Updating A Linked Source

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