Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Pregnancy Yoga Lessons
Yoga can be an ideal way for moms-to-be to stay in shape. To keep fit during pregnancy, join our Pregnancy Yoga Lessons and our experts will help you to achieve your fitness goal.


  • A general introduction to Yoga.
  • The benefits of prenatal yoga, Warm-up exercises before doing Yoga.
  • Dhyana, Pranayama, Aasans, Surya Namashkar.
  • Top poses to do in prenatal yoga.
  • Do Bharadvaja’s Twist, Baddha Konasana, Sukhasana, Janu Sirsasana, Padmasana.
  • How to perform yoga without hurting yourself and baby.
  • Diet plan, what to eat and what not.


  • A calm, clean, noise free and comfortable environment.
  • A Yoga Mat.
  • Dress should be appropriate.
  • A notebook to record steps at the initial stages.
  • Music System (Optional).

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