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Salsa for Couples: a Beginner's Course

Salsa for Couples: a Beginner's Course
  • ₹4,800

Do you want to learn salsa? Take this course made especially for salsa beginners. Enroll and our dance experts will help you learn all about salsa.
  • Easy
    Difficulty Level
  • 60
  • 12


  • Learn about Salsa and its history.
  • Warming up before performing Salsa.
  • Basic steps, hand postures, hand and foot movement.
  • The mechanics of leading and following.
  • Learn to use the rhythm of salsa music.
  • Body language and style that will make you look good.


  • Learning mentality and lots of patience.
  • A calm and noise free environment.
  • Good open space so as to move freely while dancing.
  • Good music system.
  • Special salsa music.

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