Home Tutor in Surat for Class 11

Finding it hard to learn theoretical subjects? Get a Qriyo verified home tutor and achieve new heights! The course covers the complete syllabus of three compulsory subjects - History, Geography and Political Science.


  • Full syllabus will be covered.
  • History,Geography and Political Science.
  • Learn to understand subjects .
  • What are the basics need to be understood?
  • In depth knowledge of all topics.
  • Knowledge of future platforms after taking up the course.


  • Course book preferably your school book.
  • Notebook, pen, pencil and other stationary items.
  • Learning environment with no noise.
  • Browse facts and something new apart from course.
  • Know that learning is fun.
  • Willingness to work hard and improve.

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Class 11 Home Tutor in Surat

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