Computer Home Tutor in Surat for Class 10

Computer Science for Class 10
Computer helps in developing a child’s acumen. It takes students on a journey to a different world. And computers home tuitions for this subject further makes a student an intelligent lad. The CBSE computer syllabus for class II is scheduled keeping in mind well-defined educational norms and standards.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Computer course for Grade II for home tuitions has been introduced keeping the NCERT and CBSE syllabus in mind. The computer home tutors teach it while going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise computer course curriculum for class II is as following:

Unit 1

Basics of Information and Technology

Internet: World Wide Web, Web servers, Web sites, Web Pages, Web Browsers, Blogs, News groups, HTML, Web address, E-mail address, URL, HTTP;Services available on Internet: Information Retrieval, Locating sites using search 301 engines and finding people on the net, FTP, Downloading and Uploading files from remote site; Web Services: Chat, email, Video Conferencing, e-Learning, e-Banking, e-Shopping, e-Reservation, e- Governance, e-Groups, Social Networking.

Unit 2

Information Processing

Office Tools, Database Management Tool: Basic Concepts and need for a database, Creating a database, Data, Types: Text, Number, Data, Time, Setting the Primary Key, Entering data into a database, Inserting and deleting Fields, Inserting and deleting Records, Field Size, Default Value, Creating Query using Design view, Information Representation Methods

Unit 3

Hyper Text Markup Language

Introduction to Web Page Designing using HTML, Creating and saving an HTML document, accessing a web page using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Net scape Navigator, Google Chrome)

Unit 4

Elements in HTML

Container and Empty elements, Designing web pages using the following elements: HTML, HEAD, TITLE, BODY (Attributes: BACKGROUND, BGCOLOR, TEXT, LINK, ALINK, VLINK, LEFT MARGIN, TOP MARGIN), FONT(Attributes: COLOR, SIZE, FACE), BASEFONT(Attributes: COLOR, SIZE, FACE), CENTER, BR (Break), HR(Horizontal Rule, Attributes: SIZE, WIDTH, ALIGN, NO SHADE, COLOR) inserting comments, H1..H6 (Heading), P (Paragraph), B (Bold), I (Italics), U (Underline)

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