Computer Home Tutor in Surat for Class 8

Computer Science for Class 8
Computer helps in developing a child’s acumen. It takes students on a journey to a different world. And computers home tuitions for this subject further makes a student an intelligent lad. The CBSE computer syllabus for class VIII is scheduled keeping in mind well-defined educational norms and standards.

Session wise Curriculum:

The Computer course for Grade VIII for home tuitions has been introduced keeping the NCERT and CBSE syllabus in mind. The computer home tutors teach it while going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise computer course curriculum for class VIII is as following:


Operating systems, Digital story creation, Cloud computing, Sorting spreadsheet data, FOSS, Repetition of instructions, Controlling execution of a program, Arrays in programming

Unit 2

Booting and exploring computer hardware and software, Editing images, Inserting multimedia files in slides, Email management : group mails,search, sharing of content, Sorting spreadsheet data based on given criteria, Drawing charts and using functions in spreadsheets, Installing open source applications

Unit 3

Writing syntax based programs using, Repetition and control structures, Inside Internet o LAN (Local Area Network), Packet switching, WLAN(Wireless Local Area Network), WAN(Wide Area Network), Client server network, Firewall, Data and website security, Setting up and connecting the various, components for a LAN, Enabling software firewall, Using data security features on Internet sites

Unit 4

Social Networking, Using features provided on Social Networking Sites (SNS), Following SMART PLUS and AWARE, Writing Blogs and Creating Websites, Creating Blog sites and publishing them with content, Creating simple websites using online tools, Integrated Activities, Information: gathering and analysis, Logical reasoning

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Class 8 Home Tutor in Surat for Computer

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