Drums Lessons in Surat

Drums-Intermediate level
Do you know the basics of drumming and want to learn even more? Come and take the drumming course from our experts. Enroll and start drumming in no time.


  • Revisit the basics of drumming.
  • Understand basic time.
  • Develop multiple gripping techniques, playing area, and sound.
  • Improve the balance and evenness between your hands.
  • Play drum rudiments, including the double stroke roll, single stroke roll, paradiddle, double paradiddle, triple paradiddle, drag, drag paradiddle 1, flam, and flam accent.


  • A carefully curated drum set
  • Soundproof environment
  • Accessories like drum keys and & ear plugs
  • A notebook to note down important things
  • A mat or a carpet to put the drums on
  • Willingness to learn and patience.
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  • Chapterwise Questions Chapterwise Practice