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Environmental Studies  for Class 7
EVS takes a student to a new level introducing him to the world of science and social science. Also, there are many home tutors available to teach EVS to students of class VII so they perform well in their syllabus.

Session wise Curriculum:

EVS course curriculum for Grade VII for home tuitions has been introduced keeping the NCERT and CBSE syllabus in mind. The EVS home tutors teach it while going along with the school syllabus. Tentative session wise EVS course curriculum for class VII is as following:


  • How do plants get their food?
  • Autotrophic and heterotrophic nutrition; parasites, saprophytes; photosynthesis.
  • Need for light, green leaf for photosynthesis, Types of nutrition, nutrition in amoeba and human beings, Digestive system – human, ruminants; types of teeth; link with transport and respiration.
  • Model of human teeth, charts of alimentary canal, types of nutrition etc., chart and model of amoeba.

  • Wool, silk - animal fibres. Process of extraction of silk; associated health problems. Heat flow; temperature.
  • Brief account of silkworm rearing and sheep breeding. Potassium permanganate, metal strip or rod, wax, common pins, spirit lamp, matches, tumblers, Thermometer etc.
  • Collection of different samples of woollen and silk cloth. Difference between natural silk and wool from artificial fibres.
Different kinds of materials

  • Classification of substances into acidic, basic and neutral indicators.
  • Common substances like sugar, salt, vinegar etc, test tubes, plastic vials, droppers, etc.
  • Testing solutions of common substances like sugar, salt, vinegar, lime juice etc. with turmeric, litmus, china ose.
  • Experiments involving chemical reactions like rusting of iron, neutralisation (vinegar and baking soda), displacement of Cu from CuSO4 etc.
The breath of life

  • Respiration in plants and animals.
  • Respiration in seeds; heat release due torespiration. Anaerobic respiration, root respiration.
  • Movement of substances
  • Herbs, shrubs, trees; Transport of food and water in plants; circulatory and excretion system in animals; sweating.
  • Translocation of water in stems, demonstration of transpiration, measurement of pulse rate, heartbeat;after exercise etc.
  • Multiplication in plants
  • Vegetative, asexual and sexual reproduction in plants, pollination - cross, self pollination; pollinators, fertilisation, fruit, seed.
Electric current and circuits

  • Electric circuit symbols for different elements of circuit. Heating effect of current. Principle of fuse. Working of an electric bell.
  • Cells, wire, bulb. Cells, wire, bulb or LED, aluminium foil. Wire, compass, battery. Coil, battery, iron nail. Electric bell.
  • Drawing circuit diagrams. Heating effect of electric current. Making a simple electromagnet. Electromagnets. Natural Phenomena
  • Rain, thunder and lightning
  • Rectilinear propagation of light. Reflection, certain surfaces reflect light. Real and virtual images.

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