Pet Instructors in Surat

Pet Training
Get Qualified Pet Instructors from Qriyo and train your pet to learn some basics as well as advanced tricks.

Basic Obedience Training

In Basic Training, focus is on the social behavior of the dogs. The best age for the pup for training is 3-9 months. Time allotted per session should be 20+10 minutes, 20 min for training and 10 min for entertainment and fun activities of dogs.

  • Introductory class that teaches simple cues like sit, come, leave, drop and stay.
  • Basic manners
  • Socialization with people & other dogs
  • Learn heel, wait, go to bed & more
  • Loose-leash walking
Advanced Training

In advanced training, various tricks are taught to the dogs. Tricks like bringing newspaper for the master, dance, salute, etc. Its syllabus include :

  • Work on supervised separation
  • Practice behaviors like advanced heel
  • Advanced cues like crawl, take a bow, high five & roll over
  • Encourages effective communication between pets & pet parents
  • Basic guard