Zumba Workout tutor in Surat

Zumba Workout
Do you want to get fit or lose weight? Join our Zumba workout course and lose weight with fun and dancing. Enroll in the course and our experts will teach you how to achieve your fitness goal with zumba.


  • Basic steps to understand music and beat sense.
  • Easy-to-follow steps
  • footwork and upper body movements.
  • Practice on Bollywood songs
  • Zumba steps - front, back, side movement
  • Zumba rises - hop, skip and jump moves.
  • Special dance steps - Meringue march, salsa, Cumbia, Raggaeton


  • A Good Music system
  • Watch a few videos on internet to familiarize yourself though this is optional.
  • Room should have space.
  • Dress should not be tight.
  • Dress should soak sweat.
  • Willingness to push yourself and train harder everyday.