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Tabla: Advance level course
Are you looking to learn Tabla? This is the course you need. Enroll and start learning Tabla with our music experts. The course will turn you from amateur to pro in no time.


  • Difference between Taal and Theka; indepth definition of Taal. Knowledge of Sam, Taali, Khaali, Khand/Vibhaag.
  • Ability to write tukras in Teentaal and Jhaptaal in Thaa (baraabar; single tempo) and dugun.
  • Definitions: Aamad, Peshkaar, Kaida, Rela, Chalan, Gat-Paran, Mukhda, Mohra.
  • Comparative analysis of Taals of equal maatraas:
  • Relationship between Laya and Layakaari and definitions.


  • A tabla set for beginners
  • A soundproof environment
  • A dedicated mind
  • A notebook to map progress"

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