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Abacus:  For Kids

Abacus for Kindergarten kids introduces them to the concepts of basic maths. Home tutors for Abacus for Kindergarten help them get well acquainted in clearing fundamental maths concepts.
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Session wise Curriculum:

Abacus course curriculum for Kindergarten kids for home tuitions has been introduced with a view to make Maths learning easy for them. Tentative session wise Abacus for kids syllabus is as following:

Unit 1-5
  • To count at least to 20, but preferably a little beyond.
  • The concepts of equality, more, and less
  • To count backwards from 10 to 0.
  • To recognize numbers, To be able to write numbers
  • To recognize basic shapes
  • To understand up, down, under, near, on the side, etc. (basic directions)
  • To understand the concepts of addition and subtraction with small numbers
Unit 6-10
  • Play games to reinforce learning.
  • Play all kids' favorite card game: UNO. It motivates kids to learn to recognize numbers quickly.
  • Online addition and subtraction games.
  • Curriculum, worksheets, or workbooks for shapes, matching, equivalence, more, and less
  • To recognize shapes and practice matching
Unit 10-15
  • Kindergarten math worksheets
  • Puzzles and activities to develop the child's logical reasoning.-Twin puzzles and easy dot-to-dots.
  • Customizable worksheets for kindergarten topics (not just math)

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