Biology Home Tutor in Udaipur for Class 10

The online biology course for X class gives elaborate functioning of human body, its functions as well as its evolution. It also deals with plants and animals’ life and throws light on the significance of natural resources in human’s life.

Session-wise or Day-wise Curriculum:

The EVS Grade X home tuition course for Biology is tentative and might shift according to the NCERT and CBSE syllabus. Its different sessions are as following:

Life Processes

  • Nutrition in Plants
  • Nutrition in Animals
  • Respiration in Humans
  • Circulatory System in Humans
  • Transportation in Human &excretion
Reproduction and evolution

  • Control and Coordination
  • How Do Organisms Reproduce?
  • Heredity and Evolution
  • Environment
  • Management of Natural Resources

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Class 10 Home Tutor in Udaipur for Biology

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