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English for Class 6
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Session wise Curriculum:


Learn using synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, prefixes, suffixes, homophones, idioms, and Greek and Latin roots

Process Skills

In this unit, students are exposed to various types of texts. They use informational articles, fiction, nonfiction, and fables while summarizing, predicting, visualising, clarifying, and understanding scaf-folding


Here, students learn the art of developing summaries. They paraphrase information from two or more texts and identify the main idea, fact and opinion using charts and graphs

State Simulation Assessments

Students take test here of comprehension skills. They gain understanding from literary and expository texts.

Research-based writing

Students engage in a series of activities to enhance their reading, writing, and think-ing skills via research-based writing. They need to use simple and compound sentences while using proper adjectives correctly in their writing assignment.

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