Guitar Advance Classes in Udaipur

Expert guitarist: An advance course.

Want to learn to play guitar. Enroll and learn all the basics of guitar from our music experts. Learn the basics of guitar and start playing it.
  • Intermediate
    Difficulty Level
  • 60
  • 24


  • Learn the ability to perform advanced rhythms.
  • To perform melodic lines and scales in the keys of E and Eb including relative minor keys.
  • To demonstrate advanced skills using moveable chord forms.
  • To demonstrate advanced right-hand techniques.
  • To recognize and interpret ornamentations such as slides, slurs, hammers, pull-offs and trills.
  • To recognize and interpret general articulations such as staccato, legato, accent marks and dynamics.


  • Guitar and other instruments.
  • Extra strings.
  • Guitar nail or pick.
  • A calm, noise free environment.
  • Pen and a notebook.

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